When purchasing your machine, you have decided to invest in Rabe quality.

You had at least two good reasons for this.

You wanted a machine
which performs its work optimally.
and on which you can rely even after years.

In order to maintain the reliability of your machine, do not save on Rabe original parts, but save with Rabe original parts:

We manufacture our parts from special steels with highest hardness and toughness produced especially for Rabe.

As a result, our parts have considerably longer service life.

In the long run, this saves not only money but also a lot of time because you have to change wear parts less frequently.

Any more questions? Inform yourself without obligation with us. We are happy to advise you.

RABE original parts are exclusively handled by the qualified RABE dealer.

Dealers please place their orders either by fax: +49 (0)54 72 - 771 - 100,
or directly via e-mail. Please see below for contacts.

To search for spare parts and operating instructions, please click here: www.rabe-ersatzteile.de

Jürgen Konrad (Head) +49 (0)54 72 - 771-194 j. konrad (at)rabe-gb. de
Elke Hinsken +49 (0)54 72 -771-220 e. hinsken (at)rabe-gb. de
Simone Raabe +49 (0)54 72 -771-128 s. raabe (at)rabe-gb. de

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