SUPER-ALBATROS - Large mounted reversible plough for medium and large enterprises
Based on the ALBATROS the SUPER-ALBATROS has the same frame geometry with all its advantages. By use of a stronger frame with 140 mm or 160 mm diameter and an equally stronger turning pivot (120 mm), it is also suitable for use in heavy and heaviest soils and for tractors power up to 300 hp. 
Stepless adjustment of the working width - Variant
Starting with the ALBATROS 120 we offer the option Variant. With Variant you can adjust the working width of the bodies from 31 to 53 cm - easily from the tractor cabin. The true line of the plough always runs in the middle of the tractor rear axle - depth wheel , disc coulter and coulters will change accordingly. A separate hydraulic cylinder is responsible for pivoting the frame before and after the turning process, leaving the working width untouched ! 
Hydraulic stone protection - HydroAvant
All RABE ploughs are secured against stones with a shear bolt protection. Additionly the Hydro Avant option provides a hydraulic non-stop stone protection. It allows each pair of bodies to dodge upward and / or sideways. The triggering pressure is adjustable from the tractor and is decreasing with higher lift heights automatically - to protect all components.
Hydraulic cutting width adjustment of the first body (hydraulic front furrow)
For ploughing in greatly varying slopes we offer a cutting width adjustment of the front furrow by hydraulics. 
Hydraulic frame alignment
Starting with all five furrow models as standard, the hydraulic frame allignment can be ordered for smaller ploughs as an option.
For fertilizer or corn skimmer you generally have the choice between plane shafts with plugged bolts (for rapid and uniform setting) or round shafts with gear rim protection (for variable and precise setting). 
Disc coulters
You have the choice between knife- or disc coulter, the latter in rigid ( 500mm ) or spring-loaded design ( 600 mm ).   
Controlling you ploughing depth more accurately: Depth wheels definitely can help to control the desired and even depth from the first to the last bottom more accurately.
Transport wheels combine two applications in one and allow a fast conversion from road to field mode. It's the right choice for larger and heavier mounted ploughs for a smooth transport of the plough on the road. We offer the transport wheel D30 and the depth wheels PS5, PS30 and RJR.
For more information please download the brochure (pdf).

Technical characteristics
SUPER ALBATROS 140 MW 120mm 140x140x10 4-5 120 80 SB 160 - 300
SUPER ALBATROS HA 140 M 120mm 140x140x10 4-5-6 100 80 HA 160 - 300
SUPER ALBATROS V 140 M 120mm 140x140x10 4-5-6 100 80 SB 160 - 300
SUPER ALBATROS VHA 140 M 120mm 140x140x10 4-5-6 100 / 93 80 HA 160 - 300
SUPER ALBATROS 160 M 120mm 160x160x10 4-5-6 100 80 SB 160 - 300
SUPER ALBATROS HA 160 M 120mm 160x160x10 4-5 100 80 HA 160 - 300
SUPER ALBATROS V 160 M 120mm 160x160x10 4-5-6 100 80 SB 160 - 300

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